WASHINGTON DC | LOS ANGELES (August 26, 2019) – Aeros, an American innovative aerospace and defense research and development manufacturing company, has been made aware of recent attacks from the General Military Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine. The Prosecutor’s office has released false information to the media that is a disturbing sign for further future collaboration.
Specifically, the claim states that Aeros and the system’s other original equipment manufacturers are responsible for the malfunctions of the Elevated Early Warning System. Nothing could be further from the truth. This modern system allows war fighters to recognize enemy movements far beyond the line of contact and provides with time to prepare, therefore defending Ukrainian territory and avoiding casualties. The presence of this system discourages enemies to attack by letting them know that they are being watched. However, we found and photographed evidence that demonstrates that lack of maintenance and discontinuation of the training program. Negligence and mishandling of equipment are the real reason of this malfunctions, and if these behaviors continue it is very likely the system will be a total loss.
In the past, to avoid these kinds of problems, Aeros has advised Ukrainian customer to contract with us or another qualified company to conduct maintenance and recruit training. Utilizing contractors for this kind of activity is a standard practice of the U.S. Department of Defense and NATO Countries. Unfortunately, our recommendations were ignored.
The investigators also alleged that this equipment was not meant for disputed border or conflict zone applications and cannot be quickly relocated if it becomes necessary. As is already stated this allegation is baseless, this equipment is being used on battlefields and disputed borders by United States, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, and almost all NATO countries all over the world and are saving lives. All 27 sensors in the package are installed in a single enclosure, specifically designed for rapid disconnect and tower equipped with lifting system.
At this point it is becoming painfully obvious that the only reasons that the prosecutor is choosing to continue this investigation are purely political. We understand that in the time of power transition to newly elected president administration, officeholders from the past may have different agendas. We hope that with new appointees in the Prosecution under the new President Ukraine will be able to guarantee fair and transparent investigation of this outrageous case. So far General Military Prosecutor’s Office has made no effort to contact Aeros, though we are open for any enquiry regarding our system.
Aeros and our industrial partners are standing strong behind our product quality and performance. We are proud to be the first and for a long time, unfortunately the only U.S. Aerospace and Defense company who responded to the Ukrainian war fighters call. We have worked extensively to strengthen Ukrainian-American relations, assistance, and bilateral cooperation. We are continuing to advocate for defensive capabilities of Ukraine utilizing U.S. defense technology and fostering support for Ukraine’s democracy and people. (For Downloadable Press Release Click below)

July 24, 2019 NADATS has been made aware of the Security Services of Ukraine (SBU) statement dated 07.22.2019 announcing an ongoing investigation into whether it is necessary to have an early warning capability during an active conflict. Having advance knowledge of impending attacks from a hostile force is critical for a timely response. The strategic location of the city of Mariupol was temporary occupied by separatist forces during the insurgency. It is indeed crucial for Ukrainian warfighters to have access to multi-layered situation awareness surveillance equipment. This modern defense system allows to see enemy movements far beyond the line of contact and provides with time to prepare, therefore defending Ukrainian territory and avoiding casualties. The presence of this system discourages enemies to attack by letting them know that they are being watched. We are convinced that the investigation will endorse that this early warning capability was not only necessary but also critical. 

NADATS portfolio of advanced defense products and solutions include aerial and ground based sensor platforms; detection, recognition, and imaging systems; and data transmission and fusion infrastructure for fully integrated defense systems. NADATS leverages unique integration expertise to provide security and surveillance optimization, utilizing state of the art defense products for worldwide customers.

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